About Us

Compassionate Care for All Species

Dark Horse Veterinary Service opened in 2010 to meet the needs of all veterinary patients.  We provide a wide variety of services from preventive care, to medical and surgical treatment for every animal in your family.  Dark Horse offers clinic appointments at our facility in north Fort Collins, or ambulatory appointments at your farm, home, or boarding location.

We offer personalized and affordable care

It's our job to keep your animals as healthy as possible.  We focus on preventive medicine and promote high quality of life. Dark Horse provides a diverse range services for all species. We also receive referrals from other veterinarians and clients for more intermediate case management, hospitalization, rehabilitation, and more!

Our Vision

We strive to provide a high level of veterinary care based upon evolving modern techniques, balanced with a good dose of common sense. 

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Dark Horse Veterinary Service

5588 N Highway 1 Fort Collins, CO 80524, US