Our Capabilities


Digital X-Ray: state of the art mobile equipment.  We can come into your stable, your home, or take instantaneous images in our large and small animal clinics for immediate answers.

Digital Ultrasound

In-House Laboratory: coming in 2018...


We are a general practice surgical site for routine, elective procedures and small animal surgeries, including spay, neuter, abdominal procedures, cancer removal and diagnostic surgeries, limb amputations, and facial/oral procedures.

Large animal: we are a secondary referral center for more intermediate procedures.  Examples include facial and dental surgeries, cryptorchid stallions, some limb procedures, and advanced wound surgeries.  We do not conduct colic surgeries, or use orthopedic scoping techniques--these advanced surgeries are referred to the surgeons at Colorado State University.


We are accepting new patients and clients in search of smart preventive veterinary care.  It is our philosophy to keep our patients as healthy as possible, to prevent disease, treat surgical problems, advise and manage weight and dental care before they become emergencies.  This will keep long-term care of your animals affordable, their quality of life high, and emergency situations to a minimum.  

Now that's smart medicine.